Apple under threat of suspension of iPhone production due to Covid πŸ†•

Update, 04/15 β€” As feared, health authorities in Zhengzhou announced the quarantine with immediate effect of several places in the airport economic zone of the metropolis. An area in which the largest iPhone production line in the world is located… It remains to be seen what impact this decision will have on Apple and the availability of the smartphone.

Original article, 04/14 β€” Apple’s production line could once again be disrupted by China’s zero-tolerance policy. Several of the manufacturer’s subcontractors have had to temporarily suspend their activities in Shanghai due to cases of Covid-19 contamination, which has an impact on the delivery dates of MacBook Pros. And things should not get better on this front: the Zhengzhou health authorities have ordered a campaign of compulsory tests to be carried out in several places in the metropolis.

Picture: Apple.

The Foxconn factory which produces the iPhone is precisely located in these test areas. The industrial giant indicated that operations on the site were proceeding normally, but nothing says that the doors should not be closed if contamination is ever detected there. Unlike other countries like France, China does not seek to live with the Covid but to eliminate the virus, which can succeed in drastic measures. Matthieu, our columnist from China, paid the price:

Digital Chronicles of China: Lockdown Strikes Back

Digital Chronicles of China: Lockdown Strikes Back

Of course, if the local government so decides, Foxconn will have no choice but to abide by the rules. For Apple, it would be a blow, the iPhone representing the bulk of its sales, even if the period is a little calmer.


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