Apple TV and FiLMiC Pro join Adobe’s collaborative platform

Apple TV and the FiLMiC Pro app on iPhone are among the new features announced by, this collaborative platform for filmmakers and video editors. Last summer, Adobe bought and since then this service has been integrated into more and more hardware and software so that their users can share images or filmed shots and receive feedback and instructions.

It is in this context that a new app for Apple TV is available. It allows viewing on the big screen, in 4K HDR10, the scenes filmed and reviewing the daily progress of filming.

In addition, these contents viewed with are now DRM protected when played from Safari, Chrome or Apple TV. In the case of browsers – on mobile or PC – a screenshot adapted to a black screen. Two-factor authentication is also added for using a business account.’s second integration with the Apple (and Android) ecosystem went through the FiLMiC Pro application, taken by anyone who wants to film with an iPhone in a professional context. FiLMiC Pro becomes compatible with the Camera to Cloud (C2C) service of the Adobe subsidiary. It is currently the only mobile application that has joined the collaborative platform.

Since we work with a mobile device in essence, we can choose the level of quality for these shared sequences – from 720p to 1080p – as well as the connection mode (Wi-Fi or cellular). This C2C connection function is part of FiLMiC Pro’s “Cinema Kit” In-App, sold for €13.99 for iPhone 11 and later. Behind it you must of course have a paid account (from $15 per user per month with 250 GB of storage and 500 GB of archiving).


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