Apple Store in France: wearing a mask becomes compulsory again for employees

Wearing the mask is again becoming an obligation in the various Apple Stores in France, at least for employees. According to MacG, the rule will be applied from June 27 (next Monday) for an indefinite period. Customers can still come without a mask… for now at least.

The latest obligation dated back to the beginning of April, with French employees who had to wear the mask. There was no information on the end date, but now Apple is imposing the mask again given the news with the Covid-19.

Several weeks now, the epidemic is back on the rise in France (and in a few countries), with in particular the BA.5 sub-variant, which wants to be a little brother of Omicron. No more fever, gastric pain, loss of smell and taste… the doctors notice that the symptoms are longer and more aggressive. Some are asking for new measures, such as wearing a mask on public transport.

Apple management has therefore decided to put the mask back in place for employees in French stores. To see what will happen in the next few weeks at the government level: will the French have to wear the mask again in certain places? Only the future will tell us.

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