Apple sends customers home with faulty Mac while waiting for parts

Due to component supply issues, Apple will now have customers take home a device being repaired if the repair takes longer than expected due to a pending missing part. After the part arrives on site, customers could send back or return with the device to complete the repair.

Two-step repairs at Apple

If a customer brings their device home, they will be notified that the part needed for the repair has arrived. From that day on, customers will have five days to return the device to the service center before the repair is voided.

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Apple has had to deal with supply chain issues that have plagued iPhone and Mac over the past few months.

This new policy is available in select locations, and it is the service center that decides whether or not a customer can take their device home while waiting for replacement parts. Logically, this only applies to customers whose devices are in working and usable condition.

According to sources cited by MacRumors, MacBook Pro repair parts, like the 16-inch MacBook Pro display, are currently taking up to two months to arrive in some regions.

Other parts, such as the upper case of some MacBook Pro and MacBook Air models, which includes the battery, keyboard, and internal chassis, can take several weeks. This should limit customer waits and congestion in Apple Stores and other service centers that repair branded products by the thousands every day around the world.

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