Apple says goodbye to its iconic iPods

Apple announced on Tuesday that the iPod Touch – the latest iPod the Apple brand currently produces and sells – will still only be available while supplies last. With this decision, the Californian giant puts an end to the production of its iconic iPods.

The end of the iPod should come as no surprise. The walkman was once an essential part of Apple’s product line. Over the past decade, however, the iPhone, iPad, and even the Apple Watch have eliminated the mainstream need for the iPod Touch. This small, iPhone-like device could do almost everything the iPhone does, except it lacks a cellular modem for constant connectivity.

You can still purchase an iPod Touch from Apple or its business partners while supplies last. It’s been a few years since Apple updated it, so it’s older hardware, with Apple’s A10 processor, 4-inch display and 8-megapixel camera. Still, at the listed price, you’d be better off buying an iPhone SE with a newer, faster processor, better camera, and assured software support for at least the next few years.

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