Apple sales: Even Macbooks with M1 chip are dropping in price!

Good deal news Apple sales: Even Macbooks with M1 chip are dropping in price!

It’s the 2022 summer sales and even Apple products are dropping in price! This is the case of the Macbook Pro M1 found in particular at Fnac.

For the 2022 summer sales, Fnac is offering many MacBook Pros with M1 chip at a very good price

During these summer sales, you can find many Apple products at Fnac such as the MacBook Pro with M1 chip!

Rarely in reduction, you will still be able to take advantage of some rather interesting offers and in particular a reduction code of 20 € offered from 150 € of purchase at the moment!

It is the following code:

Find the MacBook Pro M1 from 1449 € at Fnac

In addition, several offers are available at the time of writing this article. We find for example:

  • A MacBook Pro 13 “Touch Bar 1 TB SSD and 16 GB of RAM with an M1 chip at 1999 € instead of 2139 €
  • A MacBook Pro 13 “Touch Bar 2 TB SSD and 16 GB of RAM with M1 chip at 2399 € instead of 2599 €

And even :

  • A MacBook Air 13 “256 GB SSD with 16 GB of RAM and its M1 chip at 1359 € instead of 1429 €

MacBook Pro M1: Performance and freedom at your fingertips

Choosing a MacBook means choosing power, autonomy, but also a clean and precise design.

With its excellent M1 chips, Apple has put in the hands of the public selected computers of high quality which are real portable workstations.

If you are already immersed in the Apple ecosystem with an iPhone or iPad, this will be the ideal partner for all your uses.

Apart from RAM and storage, there are several possibilities available to you.

  • First of all, the size of the screen, which can range from the small 13-inch MacBook Pro to the large 16-inch.

But the major difference will come from the M1 chip. Would you prefer :

  • The M1 Max and its great power
  • The M1 Pro, with a little less pep, but still enough to run all your favorite software
  • Or the M1 which is the lightest version (and therefore the cheapest), which still offers very good quality?

Anyway, the autonomy will be there, as well as the quality of manufacture.

If you have the budget, choose a good amount of RAM (16 GB will be fine) and a large SSD (1 TB for example).

Find the MacBook Pro M1 from 1449 € at Fnac

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