Apple remains the most valuable brand in the world according to Kantar

Kantar released its traditional brand ranking BrandFinance Global 500and once more, Apple dominates the fray, with brand value up 55% year-on-year ($947 billion), ahead of Google ($819 billion), Amazon ($705 billion), Microsoft ($611 billion) and the Chinese giant Tencent ( 214 billion). The strongest year-over-year gain came from Google, whose brand value was down 79% year-on-year. The calculation of this value is a grub that mixes the gross economic performance of companies with other criteria (relations with the consumer, leadership, innovation, etc.).

Kantar further specifies that the top 100 of this ranking of brands “weighs” no less than 8.7 trillion dollars overall, which means that Apple alone represents more than 10% of this top. We also note the absolute predominance of technology companies, which is ultimately quite “fitting” with the market value of said companies.

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