Apple Releases Thai Horror Film ‘Those Who Follow’ Filmed On iPhone 13 Pro

Parkpoom Wongpoom is widely acclaimed as one of Thailand’s greatest horror filmmakers. A master at telling spooky stories with terrifying visuals that stay with you, Wongpoom is now ready with Those who follow – a short film he created with Apple iPhone 13 Pro.

Those who follow marks the director’s return to filmmaking after a four-year hiatus and is described as a “mind-blowing tale of karmic revenge”.

Wongpoom, who is internationally recognized for his horror masterpieces Shutter (2004) and Only (2007), released his last release in 2018 with Host family.

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The plot is related to local Thai belief

Image credit: Ritthisak Wongpanngam

The 20-minute short follows two teenagers on the run from a heist gone wrong. They hide at a local ghost mask festival. But the two soon realize that while they can hide from humans, there’s something they can’t hide no matter how hard they try.

Like his previous films, Wongpoom made sure that Those who follow is rooted in Thai culture. Described as a film based on true events, the theme follows a local Thai belief known as “Phi Ta Khon”, or ghosts that follow people. The belief is part of a tradition in northeast Thailand, where the film is set.

At its core, the story is about karma and how it affects people.

Apple iPhone 13 Pro Low Light Capabilities

Wongpoom filmed in low light using the Apple iPhone 13 Pro, which can shoot in Dolby Vision up to 4K at 60 fps. Commenting on the phone’s filming capabilities, he said it was “an experiment to show the world what we can do and inspire future filmmakers to make their own films”.

The phone’s camera system comes with larger sensors such as ƒ/1.8 aperture in Ultra Wide Camera and ƒ/1.5 aperture and new 1.9μm pixels in the Wide camera. The lenses are able to capture more light, making it easier to shoot in low light conditions needed for the cinematic effect of horror movies.

“iPhone 13 Pro can capture visuals in low light, revealing detail in that darkness. When we hide spooky elements or ghosts in the shadows, we could still capture everything in excellent quality and allow ourselves to tell the story we wanted,” Wongpoom said.

To make the experience unique, Apple plans to promote the film on a dedicated billboard at Sathorn Unique, Bangkok’s most iconic abandoned building located in the heart of the capital.

This isn’t the first time an Asian director has teamed up with Apple to shoot a movie on the iPhone. In February, South Korean legend Park Chan-wook released his fantasy short film Life is anything but a dream which was shot entirely on an iPhone 13 Pro.

Those who follow was released on Youtube and

(Main and featured images: Ritthisak Wongpanngam)

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