Apple promises something new for Final Cut Pro

A few weeks ago, creators published an open letter to Tim Cook about Final Cut Pro, Apple’s professional editing software. They complained about the difficulties they encountered using their favorite software in certain professional environments, with much of the industry preferring competing solutions, and demanded that Apple do more to promote the use of Final Cut Pro in film and television circles. Some professionals using Final Cut Pro also had some ideas for improvements to the software.

Apple responded this week to the petition in the columns of the specialized site Apple promises that some of the requested new features are in the works, without specifying or when they will be available. The Cupertino company also announces the implementation of three measures to promote Final Cut Pro: new training programs and certifications approved by Apple in partnership with Future Media Concepts, the establishment of a panel of experts from industry that will be consulted regularly starting this summer, and an expansion of the content and publication frequency of workshops dedicated to Final Cut Pro for film and series productions. To be continued…

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