Apple Music installs on the iPhone dock and removes applications, without warning the user

Strange behavior for Apple Music and the fact that the application is installed directly in the dock on iPhone, even if it means removing existing applications. Several users have noticed this phenomenon and we confirm that it exists after testing on an iPhone running iOS 15.4.1.

When Apple Music takes over

The Apple Music application is installed by default, but it is possible to uninstall it and then reinstall it later through the App Store. The test here is to have four apps in the iPhone dock, open the App Store, reinstall Apple Music, and return to the home screen. The application on the right on the dock goes away and wants to be automatically deleted by Apple Music.

The problem in video

It doesn’t actually stop there. Apple has opened up a bit on iOS by allowing users to choose their default music app. It is thus possible to choose Spotify or another application. Except in this case, Apple Music removes the user-defined preference and automatically sets itself as the default music app after reinstalling.

A bug ?

Is it a bug? Or willful behavior by Apple? In any case, it is an operation specific to Apple since applications from the App Store have no possibility of installing themselves directly in the dock by transferring an application present and resetting a parameter to zero. .

Tim Sweeney, the boss of Epic Games – whose company is in a legal dispute with Apple – reacted to this story. He says he did the test and confirmed that Spotify disappeared from the dock to be replaced by Apple Music. “This happens without Apple Music realizing it, so Apple clearly tricked its operating system into doing this! »he writes.

TechCrunch asked Apple about this odd phenomenon to find out if it’s a bug or intentional behavior. Apple has so far not responded.

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