Apple Music disappears from Amazon speakers in the United States and several countries

With its Echo speakers, Amazon quickly understood that to attract consumers and increase its market share, it was important to open up to all streaming services. The Seattle firm approached Apple Music in 2018 to give access to Apple’s gigantic catalog to its customers, however the agreement could have been broken today…

Where is Apple Music on Amazon speakers?

“Alexa, play I Like You by Post Malone on Apple Music”this voice command that seems banal does not work anymore for a few hours in the United States and in several countries internationally. Indeed, as countless owners of Amazon’s Echo speakers have noticed, Apple Music integration has been completely interruptedwhich prevents playing a playlist, a radio or a piece of music in the catalog of the streaming service.

This inability to exploit Apple Music was also revealed in the skills, it is no longer possible to add Apple’s streaming service via the dedicated app. Plus, Apple Music too faded away in the Amazon Alexa store. It’s starting to do a bit much to suspect a bug…

apple music speakers echo amazon

At the moment, this incompatibility with Apple Music affects the United States, as well as other European and Asian countries. However, some countries like UK can always ask Alexa to play content on Apple Music, it is precisely this precise point that is strange, because if there was a conflict between Apple and Amazon or an end of agreement, British users are also concerned!

For the moment, Apple and Amazon have not commented on this withdrawal of Apple Music on Echo speakers. It cannot be ruled out that the Cupertino company has decided to strategy changer for the integration of its streaming service on competitors’ speakers.
While that might encourage buying a HomePod, it might also push Apple Music subscribers to return to their old streaming service or take advantage of a promotional offer elsewhere.


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