Apple Music disappears from Amazon/Alexa speakers in some countries

There is a problem with the integration of Apple Music on Amazon Echo speakers and those of other brands with the Alexa assistant. The music streaming service simply disappeared in some countries, including the United States.

The page dedicated to having Apple Music on your Amazon Echo speaker has disappeared in the United States and other regions. It is no longer possible to install it. In reality, even those who have already installed it can no longer enjoy it, without really knowing what the problem is.

Simple bug or voluntary withdrawal? Hard to say for now. The service still seems to be available in France and the rest of Europe. The French page is still active, unlike the American page.

This is a problem since the connected speakers are mainly used to listen to music or podcasts. The sudden absence of support for Apple Music is disturbing to anyone who subscribes to this particular streaming service.

As a reminder, the integration of Apple Music with Amazon speakers debuted in 2018. Then there was support for Apple Podcasts in 2019. For once, Apple Podcasts is still available in the United States and in the others pay. The issue only affects Apple Music.

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