Apple launches its 3-meter Thunderbolt 4 Pro cable

Apple had launched its first Thunderbolt 4 Pro cables in the wake of the marketing of the Mac Studio and the Studio Display screen last March, with two references at €149 for 1.8 meters and €179 for 3 meters. Only the small model was initially available: the large one is now also available as identified by our colleagues from MacGeneration. The 3 meter cable is available without waiting and can also be picked up in official Apple stores.

If these cables are so expensive, it is because they are: each end embeds many components to amplify the signal and allows the 40 Gbit/s speed to be maintained despite the great length. If you need a cable longer than the 1 meter model that Apple provides with the Studio Display, a Thunderbolt 3 model is sufficient: there is notably a 2 meter cable designed by Belkin at 79.95 € on the Apple Store.

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