Apple Keynote 2022: will the iPhone 14 be announced on Monday at WWDC?

news material Apple Keynote 2022: will the iPhone 14 be announced on Monday at WWDC?

If you are not aware, know that next Monday, June 6, will take place the WWDC, a conference organized by Apple that takes place every year. Perhaps you are wondering if the next iPhone 14 will point the tip of its nose. We answer you here.

WWDC, a software conference, but not only

The WWDC, or the Worldwide Developer Conference, is not new. The first edition took place in 1987, and this event was initially not intended for the general public, but more for professionals. The goal was to present the brand’s advanced software, and to convey important information to developers.

Indeed, even if Apple has designed its own products and its own operating systems, third-party developers are an important part of the proper functioning of Apple devices. They code the applications that must work in accordance with the software.

However, over the years, Apple understood that the enthusiasm around this keynote went far beyond the closed circle of professionals, and therefore began to announce products in addition to software announcements, and with that comes the rumors of whether or not new devices will arrive, and if so.

Apple will announce a new product at WWDC, but will it be the iPhone 14?

Unlike previous years, not much information has managed to extricate itself from the ramparts of Apple Park. However, on the hardware side, we should see the new version of the MacBook Air appear, with Apple’s new in-house M2 chip. It represented the introduction of the next generation of successful processors, and sported an all new look.

However, for the iPhone 14, we tell you right away, it is impossible to see it announced this June 6. Apple appreciates having precise release schedules and is not one to upset its habits. iPhones come out every September, and there’s no sign of a total disruption in the schedule.

On the contrary, one of the iPhone would even be several weeks late. Apple plans for the iPhone 14 to get rid of the mini version that we know on the iPhone 13 and replace it with a 6.7-inch version, therefore as large as the Pro Max version, to offer the maximum screen size to the smallest budgets.

This is among other things due to China’s zero Covid law which normally takes care of producing Apple’s smartphones, which causes delays. This new iPhone format should be called iPhone 14 Max and requires a new manufacturing process, this is another potential reason for the delay.

No iPhone 14, therefore, but the new MacBook Air and the mystery of new software like iOS or the potential VR headset still make our mouths water for this WWDC 2022.

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