Apple is sued for patent infringement with the Apple Watch

There are two types of lawsuits for patent infringement, those that are serious, these are usually companies that have worked on a technology for a long time to include it in their products and there are those that do not. have only one objective: to recover the money without any commercial ambition behind it.

Apple victim again of a patent-troll

Do you know Smartwatch MobileConcepts LLC ?
There is little chance since it is an expert company in troll patents, in other words, it has no plans to release new products, but nevertheless protects all technologies through patent filings .
Behind these initiatives there is a reason, SmartWatch Mobile Concepts is waiting for a big company (with a big war chest) to go to its own ground and utilize a technology that has been patented by him.

The technique is always the same, SmartWatch detects the potential attack, waits a few years for the targeted product meeting with successthen the company initiates legal proceedings for patent infringement.

At the beginning of June, the patent-troll company decided to attack a Californian giant: Apple. In a complaint, the company believes that the Cupertino company took advantage without its consent of a technology that was filed by it in 2016. As explained, it is patent 10,362,480, this one is described as presented in front of a protection on: Systems, methods and apparatus for enabling users of portable devices to access secure electronic systems”

apple sued

When we look closer, we see that the company is aiming wide with this attack since the technology is used in all generations of Apple Watch.
According to the SmartWatch Mobile Concepts legal team, Apple “operates and administers systems, products and services that enable a portable device user to access secure electronic systems that infringe one or more of claims 1-9 of the 480 patent”.

Unsurprisingly, the main purpose of this lawsuit against Apple is to get as much money as possible. The company will initially exert pressure by asking for the immediate withdrawal of the Apple Watch from commerce, then if the situation turns out to Apple’s disadvantage, SmartWatch will offer the Cupertino company a financial arrangement several hundred million euros to avoid reaching an “extreme” point.

This type of abusive procedure has existed for a very long time, it has proven effective a multitude of times and has made it possible to save a lot of money for small patent-troll companies without employees and without a presence on markets (smartphone, tablet, computer…).

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