Apple is still working on a ring to order its Mac or… its ARVR headset

After a few months of silence, Apple continues to think about a ring to control an electronic device – more precisely a Mac.

In these two patents granted by the USPTO in Cupertino, it is indeed a question computers that can be controlled remotely, via a mouse and other accessories. History to lose us a little in economic situation, the Californian firm extends in the systems of virtual reality, with gloves with force feedback to control virtual objects, then it returns in the daily newspaper with the touch screens or the haptic feedbacks of smart phones. But that would be insufficient for some experiences…

Thereby a device – of the ring type – could include various components such as an accelerometer and/or other circuits making it possible to detect when the finger is in motion. But the ring could interact with the other fingers of the user thanks to touch sensors on the outer face, based on optical detection, ultrasonic or other types of detection.

At the same time, a wireless communication system could be used to transmit the information to other devices – such as an ARVR headset. It would thus be possible to control and manipulate the content displayed by the headset or other compatible equipment. Apple is even studying a possibility of pinching the ring so that it can release the finger when it is not in use and close it on the latter when the need arises.

Apple is still working on a ring to order its Mac or... its ARVR headset

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