Apple has obtained a patent for a car with virtual reality

Definitely, the bitten apple firm has more than one trick up its sleeve. Indeed, in order to be able to follow the evolution of technology and to facilitate the life of the followers of the mark, the company prioritizes the innovation. The latest news is that Apple is planning to turn self-driving cars into Virtual Reality (VR) cabins and Augmented Reality (AR) cabins.

According to Apple’s patent, the main objective is to provide users with entertainment during their automated journeys. So if self-driving, unmanned cars are a total replacement for traditional vehicles, this innovation from Apple will give us a way to keep us busy along the way.


Apple imagines futuristic cars

Concretely, wearers of VR headsets could be let loose in a game in which they will have the possibility of inviting friends and celebrities to be their virtual travel companions. Alternatively, the VR headset can turn your ride into a more relaxing adventure with mesmerizing visuals. For example, it would be possible to display a fake interior on the screens to give the impression of space to passengers or give them the illusion of being in a luxury car.

If you wish, you will also be entitled to a boat ride on a river. And if you like exciting experiences, VR headsets will immerse you in car chases with other cars or hordes of zombies in a post-apocalyptic world. In addition, Apple will not only spoil you with a visual spectacle but also plans to give you a true 4D experience.

Apple’s VR headsets offer a 4D experience

In order to make the journey as boring as possible, Apple will make sure to facilitate the VR experience with an active seat and motion sensors to synchronize virtual elements with the movements of the vehicle in the real world. To be more specific, the car’s HVAC system will blow air in your face, the speakers will pump out surround sound, and the seat will jostle you using its own internal motors.

However, this is a patent and we have no guarantee that we may ever see Apple integrating these systems into an actual car. Note that Apple is working on Project Titan, so seeing all these scenarios come true is not impossible.



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