Apple has lost $800 billion in capitalization since January 1 (but all is well)

At the beginning of the year, Apple flirted with the bar of 3000 billion dollars in market capitalization! But the economic context -between parts shortage, pandemic recovery, inflation and conflict in Ukraine– came as a game changer, with AAPL shares falling 25% in recent months.

However, according to Bloombergthe firm continues to do well, its latest financial results are proof of this, and it continues to beat even if it lost more than $800 billion in market capitalization. It indeed closed at 2,150 billion dollars yesterday.

The situation would not be ready to get betterespecially since increases in interest rates by the Federal Reserve could tip the United States into a phase of decline. The same way Apple favored the Fed-fueled bull market, it is hurting as low interest rates and quantitative easing subsidies fade..

In any case, Cupertino remains at the top of the standings Kantar BrandZ Most Valuable Global Brands 2022. The analysis firm even thinks that it would be the first firm to reach the trillion dollars – let’s be crazy, think big. As a reminder, Katar uses the notion of brand value, which is different from market capitalization. She notes in particular thatwith a brand value of $947.1 billion, Apple stands out for its difference and continued diversification within its products, software and services.

Apple has lost $800 billion in capitalization since January 1 (but all is well)

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