Apple could soon launch a version of macOS for iPad

Apple seems to want to stick with iPadOS for its iPads. This may change in the future as Apple’s latest patent hints that the manufacturer may release a version of macOS for iPad.

  • Apple has filed a new patent for a hinged keyboard attachment for tablets
  • The latest patent mentions a version of macOS for iPad
  • This is already the second patent associated with an accessory of this type

Apple could launch a version of macOS for iPad

The latest discovery of Apple patent is for a hinged keyboard that uses magnetic contacts to attach to a tablet. As for the design, it looks like a typical MacBook keyboard with a trackpad and an extended docking system, according to the sketches.

Remarkably, the hinge of the keyboard seems to support different accessories such as a detachable camera, a projector and a stylus. You can also position the tablet backwards, away from the keyboard. But what piques our interest is the mention of a hybrid macOS interface for the tablet when attached to the keyboard.

This could mean that Apple is not ruling out equipping the iPad Air or iPad Pro with a version of macOS. Presumably this could also mean an improved version of iPadOS with built-in macOS functions. Of course, we can only confirm this when the hybrid tablet or accessory is official.

iPad hybrid accessory with Macbook OS functionality

Apple’s hybrid tablet could use an interface similar to OS X when attached to the keyboard. / © Apple Patent

This is Apple’s second patent for an input device that uses the same design to connect an iPad or iPhone. The first patent was described as a modular accessory that functions as both a keyboard or a secondary display similar to a dual-folding device. A bit like a Galaxy Z Fold 3 or the next Pixel Fold smartphone, except that you can mechanically separate the screen into two parts and reassemble them later.

The ideas behind these patents make sense and have practical uses. We therefore do not rule out the possibility that Apple may integrate them into a real product, in particular the version of macOS for its iPads.

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