Apple could increase the price of smartphones in France

The geopolitical situation could force Apple to increase the price of its next iPhone 14 outside the United States, which had not happened for several generations. In question, the loss of the Russian market, but also the rise of the dollar against the euro.

Like every year, the price of the iPhone 14 in the United States and Europe will not be identical, but the difference could be more marked in 2022 than in previous years. As you probably know, when Apple was launching its $799 iPhone 13 across the Atlantic, it was not possible for him to launch it at 799 euros in France.

Indeed, Apple must first Applying a whole bunch of tax to the price of his deviceincluding in particular VAT and the tax on private copying to name but a few, then Apply the exchange rate between the dollar and the currency of the country where the smartphone will be sold. It is precisely because of the recent surge in exchange rates that Apple may be forced to raise its prices in Europe.

The rise of the dollar could increase the price of the iPhone 14

According to Raymond James’ Chris Caso, Apple will be forced to raise the price of the iPhone 14 overseas in response to the weak euro. As a reminder, it is now several months that the dollar is heading towards parity with the euro due to the positions of the United States Federal Reserve (FED), the European Central Bank and the war in Ukraine. The dollar is now equivalent to 0.95 euro, while it was worth only 0.88 euro at the beginning of the year.

If we relate this rate to the price of an iPhone 13 at 799 dollars, This was worth 703 euros at the start of the year, but today it represents 759 euros with the new exchange rate.Apple posted a strong quarter in March, but commentary pointed to gradual weakness in June due to devices, lost revenue in Russia and the significant impact of production issues from shutdowns in China “says the analyst. Apple notably announced record iPhone sales, but forecasts a shortfall of $4 billion.

As suggested by previous leaks, the iPhone 14 should not see its price increase across the Atlantic, but may well increase here. We also recall that Apple is considering setting up a new system allowing you to rent an iPhone 14, but we do not know for the moment if it will arrive soon in France.

Source: Ramon James

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