Apple and iPhone dominate the list of best-selling smartphones in early 2022

Although it is not the brand with the highest number of sales, Apple in the iPhone a smartphone that dominates the market. These have grown and with each new release consumer acceptance is still strong and sales dominate the market.

The most recent data, associated with the beginning of 2022, showed this same reality. Apple and the iPhone dominate the list of best-selling smartphones at the start of the year, promising an important year for the Cupertino giant.

After 2 years of fluctuating and steadily declining sales, with sales following the same path, the smartphone market finally seems to be reacting. The recovery is visible and regains the brilliance of yesteryear.

IDC has now shown its data and revealed which smartphones are performing the best now in 2022. Apple clearly dominates this list, with the iPhone 13 leading the way and taking pride of place in this top 5.

The data is straightforward and shows that Apple places the iPhone 13 at the top of the list, followed by the most expensive and largest model, the iPhone 13 Pro Max. Apple is again present, in 4th position, with the iPhone 13 Pro.

Samsung is the second brand to be present, but with low-end models. In the spotlight, the Galaxy A12, which assumes the role of the brand’s best smartphone in terms of sales, in 3rd position. At the end of this top 5 we have another similar model, the Galaxy A32.

List of Apple iPhone Samsung Smartphones

This list is also the guarantee of high profits for brands. iPhone 13 sales represent $42 billion for Apple. The 2 Samsung models present in this list have generated 3.6 billion dollars.

After topping market sales in 2021, the iPhone 13 is expected to remain strong this year. Still, Samsung is expected to maintain its position as the best-selling brand, thanks to its entry-level smartphone range, which is attracting many users thanks to 5G and other arguments.

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