Apple AirTag at 28 € instead of 35 € euros during the Amazon sales

The AirTag is an accessory marketed by Apple which makes it possible to trace objects. For example, you can hang it on your keys, slip it into a bag or your wallet to find them easily. the AirTag is currently on sale at 28 euros instead of 35 euros on Amazon during the summer sales.

The AirTag allows you to find your objects but also to locate your loved ones and your Apple devices. Circular in shape, this discreet little object is made of polished stainless steel and IP67 certified. Water and dust resistant, it has a loudspeaker that allows users to find it easily. The AirTag works using a battery and, thanks to its transmitter, you can locate the lost or stolen object to which it is attached.

Released in April 2021, the device is on sale at 35 euros. During the summer sales, the AirTag is displayed at 28 euros only on Amazonthat’s 20% off.

The AirTag is equipped with a U1 chip administered by Apple. When the tracker is not within Bluetooth range, localization is possible thanks to the UWB technology (Ultra Wideband or Ultra Lage Bande in French) and at gigantic network of Apple devices. By enabling Lost Mode, you will automatically receive a notification when it is detected by a nearby network device.

AirTags can help you determine the exact location of an object using the Find My app and using an iPhone with a U1 chip (iPhones 11, 12, and 13 series). The application will give you directional instructions on the screen of your phone to be able to find your object precisely.

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