Apple: a surprisingly powerful iPhone 14?

news material Apple: a surprisingly powerful iPhone 14?

Every year there is a new iPhone, and every year there is a right to a new processor that replaces Apple’s smartphone on the top step of the podium in terms of power. It’s not going to change and a rumor announces an even more drastic increase for the iPhone 14 of 2022. There is reason to doubt.

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Blazing power, or not

There is no doubt, the iPhone 14 will arrive in September. It’s the same thing all the time, and for the most anticipated tech product each year, it obviously gets its share of rumors months in advance.

We already have a good amount of them, including the design and some new features. Now, let’s focus on the chip that will integrate these new iPhones. A certain leaker by the name of iHacktu ileaks published in a recent tweet a nice slew of information, including the benchmark of the A16 chip which arrives on the iPhone 14 Pro.

Unfortunately, this figure does not correspond to the “GPU +35%” and “CPU +42%” written just below. The iPhone 14 Pro would give a result of only 7% more than the iPhone 13 Pro. That’s already it and it’s certainly not what we expect from the next Apple smartphone.

All this power is hard to notice given that all the flagships of recent years can run just about anything without a problem. Only photo and video can really use this performance.

iPhone 14 to be taken with tweezers

This leaker is far from a safe bet, but it is quite common to see complete strangers telling us information that turns out to be true months later. And in its tweet, iHacktu mentions other improvements it is planning for iPhone 14.

The first concerns the camera, and no precision is added. For the moment, the biggest rumor is about a new version of the front camera for the iPhone 14, finally. In addition to the design change and the disappearance of the notch on the Pro versions, an autofocus sensor should appear, as well as a wider opening to capture more light.

Finally, the latest statement from iHacktu speaks of a drastically accumulated battery: 2h10 more compared to the iPhone 13 Pro. Already that the iPhone 13 Pro Max is the most autonomous smartphone on the market, one wonders how Apple could boost endurance so much from year to year.

Anyway, we’re starting to get more and more information about the iPhone 14, which is shaping up to be a fairly minor evolution over the iPhone 13.

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