ANSI warns of malicious apps detected on Google Play Store

The National Computer Security Agency (ANSI) warned on Wednesday of suspicious applications containing malware detected on Google Play Store.
These applications are capable of spying on users, collecting their personal data and displaying unwanted advertisements. They can also impact the performance of the Android operating system and bring new unwanted features.

Therefore, the agency called for vigilance and recommended removing malicious applications from the Android system and updating the operating system regularly.

ANSI also called for avoiding installing software, apps or extensions from untrusted sources, limiting the number of apps on the Android system, and installing “Web Of Trust (WOT )” to check the reliability of the websites visited.

She further recommended protecting the device with an updated antivirus after downloading and installing a new app.
The agency urged users to verify the authenticity of senders before reading each message received by e-mail, by messaging applications … or through social networks, calling, in case of doubt, not to respond to the message, do not click on the hypertext links or the images it contains and to delete it immediately.


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