Android Auto for mobile is now dead

Android Auto for mobile is now dead. While the end of the app’s career had been announced for several months already, Google has just given the final blow this Wednesday, June 22, 2022. Indeed, the mobile app is now closed.

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We do not play the surprise card. A year ago, Google announced the death of Android Auto for mobile in favor of Google Assistant’s Car Mode. In August 2021, the firm had already removed the application on Android 12, but it was still possible to use the Android Auto app for mobile on a smartphone equipped with Android 11 or 10.

Android Auto therefore benefited from a short reprieve. But in early June 2022, users started seeing a message upon opening the app reminding them of the impending end of service. They were also invited to migrate to the Driving mode of Google Assistant as soon as possible.

And as we just learned, the app has also just shut down. As of Wednesday, June 22, 2022, drivers who don’t have an infotainment screen in their car must rely on Google Assistant’s Car Mode (or third-party app) for navigation, music control , etc.

Android Auto for mobile, it’s over later

If you open Android Auto for mobile, you are immediately taken to the Google Assistant Car mode settings page. In addition, a message informs you thatAndroid Auto is now only available on car screens.

If you’re planning on hitting the road this summer, Google Assistant’s Car Mode will do the trick. However, if you are used to Android Auto, you should know that the two experiences are essentially different. Indeed, the Driving mode still has shortcomings, since it lacks certain key features yet present on Android Auto such as Landscape mode, or even the option to switch to a navigation app other than Google Maps.

In addition to these worries, there is also an availability problem. Car mode is not yet accessible everywhere. In fact, some drivers may find themselves without an alternative to the Android Auto mobile application. For now, Google Assistant’s Car mode is available in Germany, Australia, Canada, Spain, USA, France, India, Italy, Mexico and UK.

Source: Android Police

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