Andrew Redmayne, Australia Goalkeeper, Penalty Shootout (and Social Media) Hero

FOOTBALL – Australia went to penalties on Monday, June 13, to get rid of Peru and snatch its qualification for the World Cup in Qatar (0-0 (5-4 pens)). And in this exercise, Andrew Redmayne, the Australian goalkeeper, particularly distinguished himself and ignited social networks with his “dance steps” which saved his selection.

Unexpected guest of this decisive match, Andrew Redmayne entered the field exclusively for the penalty shootout. To destabilize his opponents, the goal has adopted a very original strategy: move in all directions on the goal line. What worked. Peruvian striker Alex Valera saw his shot denied by the goalkeeper.

Redmayne, who became the hero of the meeting, was then able to exult with his teammates whom he is sending to the 2022 World Cup. The images of the player gesturing like a puppet in front of the corn also went around social networks and were instantly hijacked by the internet users.

β€œRedmayne before every Peru shot on goal”

“Australia goalkeeper Andrew Redmayne before each of Peru’s penalty shootouts”

‘Redmayne before fending off a Messi penalty to eliminate Argentina and set the internet on fire’

However, this is not the first time that the goalkeeper has used this technique to destabilize his opponents. Internet users have also unearthed images of Redmayne from other matches.

“Redmayne in Goal”

“We’ve seen that before. Andrew Redmayne. The hour is coming.

The Australian footballers, also called the “Socceroos”, will be the first opponents of the French team in Qatar on November 22. The Blues will then face Denmark on November 26 and Tunisia on November 30. Australians and Danes were already in the French group at the 2018 World Cup.

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