An associative kitchen to avoid waste

Breaking overconsumption, avoiding waste, focusing on ecology: these are ultimately the objectives of the “La Louche” association, based in Courroux. This is an associative kitchen that prepares menus with the inventors of certain businesses. A concept that started 5 months ago now. The members of the association offer lunch menus to their members every Friday, every other Wednesday and soon every other Saturday as well. They issue an indicative price on their dishes. However, people give what they want.

Work to be done

The members of the association perform at their suppliers once a week. They can then take whatever they want from the unsold items. They will then compose about ten meals per noon with the food they have received. Obviously, they must supplement their recipes with purchased ingredients. One of the objectives is to innovate with each recipe cooked, so as not to serve the same dishes several times. This also allows those in charge of the association, who have no training in the world of cooking, to learn to exercise this art.

Three partnerships

The association has entered into agreements with three small retailers in the region. Officials do not want the hour to develop further. According to them, this is already quite a heavy workload. They also did not wish to associate themselves with large brands for the same reasons. Or, they specify that there are plenty of opportunities to develop their concept. Even some producers return to the door of the association to bring them vegetables that are too small for sale or damaged. /lge


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