Amber Heard: A “crush” of Lily-Rose Depp in the heart of a violent argument, strange revelations…

The (highly) publicized trial between the former spousesJohnny Depp and Amber Heard continues and the revelations – sometimes scabrous – which are made there have not finished making ink flow. This Wednesday, May 4, the actress broke down and ended in tears in the middle of the court. And this Thursday, May 5, the revelations of the ex of Johnny Depp and Elon Musk focused on Lily-Rose Depp, the daughter of the actor and Vanessa Paradis. While the young woman can count on the support of her mother and her little brother Jack Depp in this painful moment for their whole clan, now his name gets mixed up in this public lynching.

Amber Heard is indeed returned to the fact that Johnny Depp introduced his daughter to cannabis, at the age of 13 years. Facts already mentioned by Johnny Depp himself when he had to answer questions from the actress’ lawyers about his addictions. According to the star of Pirates of the Caribbeanit was an act of “responsible parent“to make her feel”safe” with drugs, and this, from the beginning of her adolescence. What Amber Heard, she interpreted completely differently, as she made it known during this trial. She notably specified to have Felt the duty to be”protectiveto Lily-Rose Depp. “She was so young“, she indicated.

A dispute over Lily-Rose Depp

Johnny Depp’s ex-wife also shared another story about the now 22-year-old actress. She would have argued with the Hollywood star when he allowed a music star, crush of Lily-Rose Depp, to sleep at their house, when she was a minor. “This dispute arose because I did not agree with the fact that this gentleman – a famous musician over the age of 18 – spent the night at the house, she said. And I felt a duty to be protective of Lily-Rose. I was worried, he’s just a child. It’s not my place and I understand that, I know it’s a sensitive subject so I understand why Johnny got so mad at me.” Lily-Rose Depp is now in a relationship with Yassine Stein.

A lawsuit with serious consequences

A story that adds to all those already mentioned by the two parties, who constantly pass the buck to determine who, one or the other, is responsible for the divorce. Remember that this trial is fraught with consequences because of the background of accusations of domestic violence, and the story of the scenes that would have occurred between them.

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