Although banned, Google runs millions of ads for firearms

For about two decades, Google has boasted of not accepting gun ads, a reflection of its values ​​and culture. “recalls ProPublica.

The investigative newspaper nonetheless found that 15 of America’s biggest gun sellers had used its advertising systems to broadcast “ over 120 million advertisements from gun manufacturers between March 9 and June 6.

Some ads likely violated Google’s rules, but the vast majority were placed thanks to long-standing loopholes in the company’s ban on ads for firearms, weapons and related ammunition. »

Google offers two advertising systems, each with its own rules. Google Ads, its own ad network, serves ads on YouTube and Google search results. But it also runs ads sold by partners, who place them using Google’s systems.

Most TV stations, magazines and newspapers banned gun ads years ago “, further underlines ProPublica, which has prompted arms dealers to turn to the Internet.

And even to distribute it on sites which also refuse a priori these advertisements for firearms, such as the site of vegetarian recipes, the Baby Games site of children’s games, the Playbuzz quiz site or the Merriam-Webster online dictionary.


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