After his dumpling, Florentin Pogba cooks a superb couscous at Valentin … / France / Sochaux /

And you, do you prefer couscous, dumplings or both?

For Florentin Pogba, both. After his equally improbable and technically impeccable blunder against Bastia – a back pass perfectly lodged in the side netting – Mathias’ brother was able to count on Valentin Henry to save him the day. The Sochaux side, with a nice shot from 25 meters, finally offered the three points to the Cubs in the last moments of the match (2-1). In fact, the FCSM still has very slim hopes of going directly to Ligue 1 without going through the play-off box.

To thank his side for having annihilated the consequences of his mistake, the fake Pogba had promised the fake Henry to prepare him a couscous. Thing promised, thing due: on his Twitter account, the lucky striker shared a photo of himself, surrounded by two huge containers of semolina and sauce.

Obviously and by any means, Florentin Pogba really, really wanted to get into the sauce.


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