A VR & AR headset presented to Apple management

There are many areas where, for years, the imminent arrival of Apple has been announced. Automotive, gaming, television and of course VR. The latest information provided by the company is close to having finalized a product to compete with offerings from Valve, HTC, Meta and Sony. In recent hours, reliable sources told Bloomberg that Apple executives recently presented a headset with VR and AR functionality to their board.

Previously, several leaks had mentioned difficulties for Apple to advance this project with in particular some reports and radical changes in the definition of the commercial targets of this product. Apple’s ambitions would be to have a device or a family of devices capable of having both virtual reality and augmented reality. This family is supposed to be the next mainstay of the company’s hardware offerings, alongside the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV, and Macs. A version of the home OS would thus be provided with an independent application store.

The Apple VR (and AR) headset really on track this time?

According to anonymous sources who spoke to Bloomberg, the headset presented by Apple executives, codenamed N301, would be a high-end device that does not need to be connected to a computer. It would be powered by Apple’s in-house chips such as the latest evolutions of the SoC M1, which have both strong processing power and high-performance graphics.

The version presented could be offered well above 1000€ but an AR version only (N421) could lower the note. Apple could unveil this headset at the end of this year and launch it later in 2023. Obviously these solutions will compete with the products planned by META (Oculus).

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