a sponsor offers 2400 euros per month, he receives 400 applications thanks to social networks

In La Grande-Motte, a restaurateur did not receive any applications for a pizzaiolo position on a permanent contract at 2,400 euros net per month with accommodation. His announcement on social networks allowed him to receive 400 applications.

Four experienced professionals from the region on trial in four days to try to get a job as a Pizzaiolo. Before arriving at this luxury of being able to choose the best candidate, the boss of the restaurant Le Prose in La Grande-Motte was struggling to recruit. “I had already published an ad on social networks and on Indeed in particular, but I had not received any applications in three weeks!“Reports Joris Bauchais.

As summer approaches, he and his company, which deals with social networks, are worried about this unprecedented situation. The current pizza maker leaves his post on May 17, 2022.”At this rate, we didn’t know if we were going to be able to offer pizzas this summer.“, specifies the boss. They then decide to publish an announcement on Facebook and Instagram in the form of “rant“.”Clémence, my wife, does not know why we had received zero CVs when we offer good remuneration and good working conditions”, develop Joris Bauchais.

For us it was also a way to inform our customers that they might not have pizzas this summer.“, says the restaurateur. And to resume: “we would never have imagined that, it more than surprised us, we didn’t even manage to answer all the phone calls!” he exclaims.

In three days, the publication was shared more than 5,000 times and restaurateurs received no less than 400 applications from different cities in France.

This story is indicative of the crisis that the restaurant sector is going through. Since the Covid-19, restaurateurs are struggling to hire.

People have deserted the profession because the pandemic has created a certain closed insecurity from having been almost a year out of the last two years when it was a sector where people thought they still had work. Also, people have tasted the pleasure of being at home in the evening, with family. It is therefore necessary to adapt the working conditions to the new requirements in order to be able to hire.

Joris Bauchais, manager of Le Prose restaurant

France 3

Joris Bauchais made the decision to increase the salary offered to this famous future pizza maker by 20%, which obviously motivates the candidates. It also highlights a problem”linking those looking for a job and those offering it“.

The restaurateur wishes to underline the chance he has of being able to afford to increase the salaries offered. “I have another, smaller establishment with which I cannot afford to pay the employees in the same way” he says. Le Prose serves an average of fifty covers at lunchtime and eighty in the evening. 24 full-time equivalent employees are on permanent contracts in this restaurant. And to conclude: “in all these talks about never talk about the customer. We do not ask ourselves the question of whether he was ready to pay more so that we can better pay our employees. And I don’t think that’s the case.

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