A serious competitor to the Apple Watch, the Huawei connected watch is on sale during the French Days

Good deal news A serious competitor to the Apple Watch, the Huawei connected watch is on sale during the French Days

Your watch just broke down, you don’t always have your phone with you but you wish you could stay connected at all times, you’re looking for a way to easily and accurately track your physical activity… Here’s the sign you’ve been waiting for to switch to the connected watch. With this French Days offer, save €80 on the purchase of the Huawei Watch GT 3!

With its elegant and minimalist style, its 42 mm dial and its curved 3D glass in a glossy finish, the Huawei Watch G3 is no exception to its competitors. Beyond its physical appearance, it offers many very interesting features that we present to you below.

At the end of this article, you will be convinced to take advantage of this double French Days offer:

  • Its price goes from €229.99 to €199.99 at Fnac
  • Huawei offers a refund offer of up to €50
  • Either a final price of 149,99€

Buy the Huawei Watch GT for €149 at Fnac

So as we said, this nonnette watch has some real selling points. First of all, its structure consisting of a rotating crown is very practical, especially when your hands are wet, for example. It therefore allows you to zoom in or out of the dial applications but also to adjust the volume, the alarm time and a whole host of things.

The Watch GT 3 also features the HUAWEI TODAY voice assistant and the ability to make calls directly from your watch.

On the autonomy side, you can last up to 7 days without recharging your watch. And if you do ever run out of battery, the wireless charging feature will allow you to reverse charge your phone if you don’t have your charger on you.

You can call it Évelyne Dhéliat because this watch will tell you the times of sunrise and sunset each day as well as the different phases of the moon and the movements of the tides in real time.

A connected watch for very precise monitoring

All smartwatches come with health tracking features and the Watch GT 3 is no exception. The heart rate module has recently been updated to optimize its accuracy while using external interference.

This is also a particularity that the brand highlights. The five-system dual-band GNSS technology of this watch greatly improves the strength and stability of outdoor positioning signals by further blocking outside interference.

So when you choose a sport from the 100 training modes, your sessions will be recorded much more accurately.

Likewise, the Watch GT 3 intelligently presents, based on tracking metrics like pace, heart rate, and distance, your running index, training stress, and recovery metrics.

In short, a complete watch at a great value these days!

Buy the Huawei Watch GT for €149 at Fnac

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