a search engine in its short-term projects?

A few days before the next Apple keynote, the craziest rumors are circulating, including the presentation of a search engine that would directly compete with Google.

Because it must be admitted, Bing is far from up to par and very curiously, Chrome is in first place on Apple operating systems, which is a shame for the Cupertino company, which would keep regaining competitiveness in this area, against its most direct competitor.

At stake, not only a question of ego for Apple, but above all a matter of big money, facing Google, which has made a name for itself in the domination of the advertising market by garnering, if only under the Last year, of the nearly 210 billion USD generated by advertisers, a major part fell into the hands of Alphabet, the conglomerate to which the search engine belongs.

And therefore, Apple did not remain inactive in the face of this situation, which caused an imbalance on its side, at the risk of causing trouble in the agreements linked to the two companies.

The net sphere in search of elements supporting the hypothesis…

The information resulting from a tweet, published by Robert Scoble, renowned contributor to the social network, which provides a list of announcements which should be made next Monday, on bases however uncertain but implying that Siri, the voice command made in Apple, would mainly be the recipient of the various proposals proposed as part of the updates announced next Monday, thanks to handpicked answers on … a very particular search engine offered more subtle answers than those put forward by Google..

However, Apple’s customer base is substantial, especially if we take a look at Safari and iOS users, which clearly seems to justify the balance if the search engine launched by the brand provoked by Steve Jobs was to implement it directly on his devices, which could make it purely and simply an end to the partnership concluded with Google in the course of 2021 for around 15 billion USD.

Verdict next Monday.

Source: techradar

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