a few seconds later, it’s the drama

A dog is interested in the induction hob in the kitchen: a few seconds later

Firefighters have issued advice to pet owners.

This extremely rare accident was filmed by a camera installed in the living room of a house located in the city of Parkville, in the State of Missouri in the United States.

Beware of touch devices!

The family dog ​​managed to start a fire in the kitchen. According to the authorities, the doggie’s intervention caused a grease fire. Southern Platte Fire Protection Chief Chris Denney told Fow News how the dog may have started the fire.

“New devices are seen with touch controls that activate with the touch of a finger. The animal’s paw can also activate these types of commands.

Dogs rescued by firefighters

To avoid this type of incident, firefighters point out that it is important to use the built-in safety devices in these devices “when they are not in use and accessible to children and/or animals”.

As you can see in the video, this fire will completely devastate the living room of the house. Fortunately, the two dogs in the house were saved from the flames.

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