8 clever appliances to make summer cooking easier

8 clever appliances to make summer cooking easier © KitchenAid

Practical and easy to use, these smart devices allow you to prepare grilled meats, ice creams, pizzas, homemade churros in just a few minutes, but also to make ice cubes or even sparkle drinks. Something to make cooking easier for you this summer!

Get together with family or friends and take the time to taste delicious dishes with summer flavors. This is one of the great pleasures of summer, whether or not you are on vacation. But if we appreciate preparing good meals for those around us, we also sometimes appreciate being able to save time in the kitchen. To help us, some devices are full of good ideas and offer tailor-made solutions. With their clever features and versatile technologies, these kitchen aids make our job easier when it comes to cooking. Above all, these devices, designed to be used as a family, make it a friendly, even fun moment. So it’s up to you homemade ice cream and sorbets prepared in just a few minutes, the wood-fired pizzacrispy roast chicken, crunchy crisps, or barbecue grills (even if you don’t have room for a barbecue). All also put on compact formats and/or nomads to take up a minimum of space on the worktop, and to accompany you everywhere, whether it is simply a question of going to the garden, on a picnic or on vacation. Another advantage: they of course work all year round. To simplify everyday life and have fun in summer and winter.

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