5 recommended widgets to install on your Android

If you still don’t use widgets on your Android, Google has a recommendation you can’t miss.

Google is very keen on making recommendations that help us discover a little more about its operating system. In his new blog update, Product Manager Luke Wroblewski tells us the top 5 favorite Android widgets for Google users. These workers know the system well, so it is better to pay attention to their recommendations, since they will surely allow us to discover very useful widgets.

In this list of widgets recommended by Google we find elements with various characteristics, but all very useful for everyday life. For example, you can quickly organize your emails, see traffic in your area at a glance, or browse your to-do list in a second. According to the company, there will soon be 35 widgets available on Android. Undoubtedly, an element of personalization that you need to know to get the most out of your smartphone.

Google recommends 5 Android widgets that will make your life easier.

Archive your emails with a single tap

One of Google’s favorite widgets is the Gmail widget because it lets you quickly interact with the latest emails you’ve received without having to enter the app. Click on a free spot on the home screen, enter the “Widgets” section and find the Gmail option. Then drag the drawer to the home screen and voila, the Gmail widget will be installed.

Next, choose inbox as the section you want to see directly in the widget. When you receive a new email, the archive button will appear on the right. If you want to see it, just tap on the message. If you prefer to archive it, press the button with the down arrow.

Know the traffic situation

Google Maps for Android recently released a very useful new widget, and it shows the traffic conditions in the area where we identify ourselves so that we know what we are going to find when we take the car. The company has specified that it will be available “in the next few weeks”, so if it is not yet available on your terminal, you just have to wait a little longer to receive it.

Word of Google: 5 recommended widgets to install on your Android

Pending Task Reviewer

You can also personalize your mobile home screen with the Notes widget, an application where you can add your pending tasks to keep them in mind. By installing the notes widget on the screen, you will have an overview of these pending tasks, with the possibility of crossing them off as done directly from the home screen, without opening the application in question.

Moreover, if you click on the + button that appears at the top of the widget, you can also add new pending tasks.

Resize the widget as needed

So you can customize your home screen as you like, you can resize widget as you need. You just need to tap on the widget and wait for the buttons to appear on each side which you need to use to change its dimensions.

By resizing you can also change the type of widget you are using. Like Google access, if you minimize the Drive widget, it will become a small bar with main functions.

Word of Google: 5 recommended widgets to install on your Android

Quick access to your favorite translations

Finally, Google also recommends that you install the Google Translate app widget, which is especially useful when traveling. In the application you can bookmark the most important translations to communicate and, thanks to the widget, you will have them at your fingertips on the home screen.

With just a glance, you’ll be able to see a comment saying in English (or any language) that phrase you just don’t remember. Additionally, you can swipe up or down to scroll the widget and see the rest of the translations you’ve saved.

Word of Google: 5 recommended widgets to install on your Android

Widgets are undoubtedly one of the most useful customization elements on Android, so do not hesitate to consult the list of widgets that can be installed on your smartphone to get the most out of them. Google knows a lot about this, so you can trust their recommendations with your eyes closed. By the way, know that it is possible to have the Android 12 and Material You widgets on any mobile.

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