4 not very clever teenagers steal unusable iPhones for 18,000 euros

The Apple Store in Santa Rosa Plaza, California was the target of amateur thieves in the middle of the day. Four teenagers stole several Apple devices, and the amount of damage amounts to 18,000 euros.

On Wednesday evening, Santa Rosa police announced they were investigating a new armed robbery in broad daylight, which targeted Apple Store in Santa Rosa Plaza, California, one hour from San Francisco. The amateur thieves would be a group of 4 teenagers aged 14 to 18, and they allegedly stole Apple devices worth nearly 18,000 euros. This isn’t the biggest theft from an Apple Store, as we’ve seen another $27,000 theft in 2018.

The youths entered the Apple Store and grabbed the merchandise before fleeing in what authorities called a ” cheeky burglary in broad daylight “. The theft was recorded by CCTV footage, where the group can be seen stealing phones from a table near the entrance to the store. According to witnesses on site, about 30 customers and at least 10 or 15 employees summing up in the store during the flightbut luckily none of them were hurt.

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Robbing an Apple Store is useless

Thefts committed in Apple Stores are quite rare, sincethey are simply useless for thieves. However, it seems that individuals are still not aware that the products on the tables of Apple stores do not use the same software version than conventional devices.

Indeed, the iPhones displayed in the Apple Stores are linked to the Wi-Fi networks of the Apple stores and designed to be immediately blocked as soon as they leave the storewhich makes them completely unusable to eventually decide to take one and go with it.. iPhones in Apple Store inventory are also blocked until they are actually sold to customers.

The four thieves therefore now take place with Apple products they can’t use or resell. In addition, the criminals, who were all dressed in black or gray sweatshirts and jeans, are now wanted by the police. They should quickly be caught by the authorities, since stolen iPhones can also become snitches. Indeed, smartphones are tracked and their geolocation is communicated to the police.

Source: Santa Rosa Police

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