30th Lorenzo Natali Prize for the Media: announcement of the winners

At a ceremony during the European Development Days 2022 in Brussels, Commissioner for International Partnerships Jutta Urpilainentoday announced this year’s winners of the Lorenzo Natali Prize: Ritwika Mitra, for exposing human trafficking activities in India, Rémi Carton and Paul Boyer, for exposing child slavery in Haiti, and Vânia Maia, for denouncing the precarious situation of immigrant workers in Portugal.

The winners were selected by the Lorenzo Natali Prize Grand Jury from over 800 entries from around the world. Celebrating its 30th anniversary, the Lorenzo Natali Prize rewards compelling and courageous reporting.

Commissioner for International Partnerships, Jutta Urpilainensaid : ” The war on European soil and the proliferation of disinformation remind us all that quality journalism is needed to open the eyes of the world to the issues that matter. Highlighting injustices and giving a voice to vulnerable people are your powerful weapons. I commend courageous journalists, such as this year’s winners of the Lorenzo Natali Prize, for their compelling reporting. »

The prize, which bears the name of Lorenzo Natali, former European Commissioner for Development, has been nominated in the following categories: Grand Prize, Europe Prize, and Best Emerging Journalist Prize.

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More information on the Lorenzo Natali Prize for the Media on the dedicated website, and in our press release.


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