11-year-old girl trapped by 26-year-old man and raped in hotel

After weeks of chatting on the internet with his victim, the adult who posed as a 14-year-old boy, arranged to meet an 11-year-old girl and allegedly raped her in a hotel room in Cuincy, in the north.

The girl is an 11-year-old pre-teen. For almost two months, she had been chatting with her attacker on the internet, persuaded to speak to a boy barely older than her. He said he was 14 but was twice as old. Using his influence, he managed to persuade the young girl to join him and lie to her mother, before sexually abusing her.

The girl lives in Lens, the facts took place in a hotel in Cuincy, in the North, and the alleged aggressor, actually 26 years old, was arrested on June 16 in Cher (18), five days after the fact. He would, for his part, be domiciled 300 kilometers from the meeting place in the Center Region, in the Loiret.

First placed in police custody, he was then indicted for raping a minor under the age of 15, and a judicial investigation was opened in Douai, in the North.

How can an 11 year old get on a date in a hotel? “The victim allegedly lied to her mother by saying that she was going to sleep with a friend. Her mother dropped her off at the door and the accused waited for her to leave to show herself”, confirms the Douai prosecutor’s office.

When the teenager realized that the man was older, she was therefore alone and under the influence. The attacker would then have found a way to drive her to a hotel in Cuincy where the individual would have presented himself as being “in the company of his niece”. It is in this rented room that he would have abused her.

He would then have taken his victim back to the district of Lens where the child resides. On the spot, he drops her off at a pharmacy so that she gets a morning after pill. And it is the pharmacy staff who manage to warn the mother. The latter will in turn call the police. He was arrested five days later, in central France.

The judge of freedoms and the decision to place the individual under judicial supervision. The prosecution appealed this decision.

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